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GOLD MEDAL 2012 San Francisco World Wide Spirits Competition!

Presented in Pure Blanco & Aged Reposado

Made the old fashioned way ... the Mexican tequila tradition .. slow, hand-crafted!


                                  "El Gallo De Los Tequilas!"  (The Rooster of Tequilas!)

“Back in 1910, when the Mexican Revolution began, Humberto Diaz, a shoe maker, and his six employees had time enough to play around with the few blue Agave plants he grew in the backyard of his shop.  They built a small adobe oven and a clay alembic.  Whenever possible they would experiment and come out with a few liters of tequila for their personal consumption until they reached perfection.

This is the story behind Hacienda de los Diaz Reposado, a tequila that he credited after his wife’s family name.

Hacienda de Los Diaz is a Tequila “encastado”.  Which describes a long lasting taste, slow on your tongue.  Artisan tequilas are not mild.  Their flavors are distinct, temperamental, with hues that can be earthy and rustic, never pretentious.

Hacienda de los Diaz is distilled the old way, unhurried and slow.  The core (pine) of the Agave (maguey) is roasted in clay furnaces and then crushed with a stone wheel to extract the juices.

After fermentation the juices are distilled in copper alembics or stills.  Following, the colorless spirit is put to rest in white oak casks to gain its reposado taste, bouquet and pale gold color.

Ask someone who knows.  Some say there is no equal.  Other’s compare it with the tequila their grandfather use to make.  A taste you won’t forget.

The distillery, AGATEQ, Agaveros y Tequileros Unidos is in picturesque Pueblo Viejo, Municipio de Zapotlanejo (Jalisco Highlands).  Founded by 40 Artisan Blue Agave Weber growers, harvesters and producers, it benefits from the knowledge and expertise, passed down through generations.  Hacienda de Los Diaz, Reposado is hand crafted “Proprietary Formula” using smaller batches which gives it its award winning taste.

Hacienda de Los Diaz … El Gallo De Los Tequilas!  English Translation:  The Rooster of Tequilas!

Distinct Bottle History

The Hacienda de Los Diaz bottle has a history of its own.  

“Huberto Diaz, the shoemaker, part-time Tequila Connoisseur, used empty Imported Spanish Brandy bottles with corks to store his Tequila.  In the old days, this is the way brandy was exported to the new world or Mexico.  These Spanish brandy bottles were square in shape.  Huberto would gather these square bottles wherever he could find them.  He even started importing empty bottles from Spain when he could not find enough old brandy bottles.  That was how it was done many years ago.

Then, the Spanish brandy bottles started coming in more round and tall shapes. The square bottle was harder and harder to find.  Huberto Cuervas being a man of tradition, looked for other ways to acquire his desired square bottle.  He eventually found glass craftsman in the town of Tonala, Mexico close to Guadalajara to make his square bottle.  Tonala was, and still is, well known for its many talented arts and craftsmen.

How does Hacienda de Los Diaz compare to other Tequilas?

No two tequilas are exactly the same, we prefer to let the consumer decide. However if you need some comparison;

Hacienda de Los Diaz Reposado is a "GOLD MEDAL WINNER" at the 2012 San Francisco World Wide Spirits Competition.  This is a BLIND TASTING competition by experts from many backgrounds, and is also “Highly Recommended” by Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal.  An Independent Critic of Spirits and an author of several books on the subject.

Hacienda de los Diaz Blanco also received a “SILVER MEDAL” for taste at the 2012 San Francisco World Wide Spirits Competition, and is also “Highly Recommended” by Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal. 

Mokka Rabenet Licor de Cafe (Coffee Liqueur) Imported from Mexico

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